MotionEye on Raspberry Pi and Raspbian

You can use your Raspberry Pi with the camera module to remotely stream video of your home and even set up alerts if some motion is detected when you are not home. You can also upload the videos to a FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox or others. There steps are focused on MacOS only. Hardware Raspberry…

Search and Destroy – Free up disk space

Many open source projects and tools use NodeJs as base. As result we can have your disk filled by the sinister “node_modules” without even noticing. I wrote a little script to search and destroy those little bastards: The code can be found bellow:

AWS Lambdas and memory state between executions

AWS saves the state of your lambdas so global variables values can be passed/accessed between executions. Lambda lifecycle When you trigger a Lambda function on AWS, it creates a container to run your function. After the executions ends, that container is not destroyed – it is frozen until the next execution. That is what Amazon…

Compiling Visual Studio Code from source – MacOs

Update I’ve just come across this– It works well and let you install plugins (but not auto updates) Motivation Get rid of the M$ license : Be able to run to independent apps and replace Sublime – two different shortcuts in two different apps is a bit too much. Steps Clone repository Edit…

AWS Serverless development

That is the real proportion of my time at my daily job. I’m looking for ways to change it and be more productive.