Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes


Cong you bing: Not mine recipe but it is very good.

I would make a few modifications next time I prepare it again.

First, I would replace 20% of the plain flour by Rice flour – It would make it a bit crispier.

Secondly, I would add some more flavour to the dough: Mix up some smashed garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper flakes, dried onion flakes and definitely more salt . In addiction, I would also double the amount of vinegar in the sauce.

Some advices:

  • Apply pressure on the dough when mixing the ingredients. Don’t go soft on it.
  • Spring onion is delicious : add more and more.
  • When mixing the flour and oil and salt to apply between layers, don’t add much flour.
  • Heat the pan fryer with the oil in high temperature. Reduce it when frying the pancakes.
  • Fry for a minute, flip it, apply oil. Do it at least 3 times for each side

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